Meet Neppah Hamisi. Neppah is a single father who has two children, and lives by his his mother. He began the Introduction to Metalsmithing program in February 2018. After completing the three months course, he began an apprenticeship style program in Jewellery Making and Silversmithing. This allowed him to be paid while he was learning. He is on call from a studio in Arusha when it needs specialised saw piercing done but of course this is not regular nor reliable and he needs more. Neppah is a fine man and a passionate & creative artist who needs access to the type of studio/workshop being developed through GoFundMe campaign. He is passionate about earning a 'living wage' which will give his children a better future. I am very proud of this wonderful human being.








W: www.nyumbayamuotaji.com


 Fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/386189855436426/