Tanzania & Beyond · 14. September 2019
Having arrived back in Australia on June 23 with the intention of raising funds for the programs in Tanzania, I received a ball from left-field. A good friend sent me a job advertisement for an organisation in Darwin, I applied and got the job. So, for now, I am working with Aboriginal People in the Adelaide River region of the Northern Territory. The position engages with the further development of art, culture and language in the local community. It was an unreal experience going to...
GoFundMe · 08. August 2019
Delighted to inform the fundraiser is now up to $AU765.00, thank you to those who have contributed. https://www.gofundme.com/f/home-for-dreamers-the-future www.nyumbayamuotaji.com
GoFundMe · 08. August 2019
Meet Mery from our sewing program. INTRODUCING OUR FIRST M.O.M. "I am Mery Edson, a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. I was born in 1982 which makes me thirty-six years old. I am involved in looking after my children, my sick mother (who passed away) and the breeding of goats and cattle. I was trained in sewing and dressmaking but had to stop because of family commitments. It was very exciting to be approached by Christopher Hardwick & Martin Massawe of Nyumba Ya Muotaji to make...
GoFundMe · 08. August 2019
Meet Victor, this fine young person was in the 2nd intake of the Introduction to Metal program in 2017. Victor has another challenging story of a disadvantaged life in rural Tanzania. He is another 'dreamer' who aspires to better himself but lacks capital to develop a business. He is currently working as a gardener for an NGO in Nkoaranga. Your contribution to "Nyumba Ya Muotaji — The Future" (Home For the Dreamers) Will assist folk such as Victor and the many thousands like him....
GoFundMe · 07. August 2019
GoFundMe · 06. August 2019
Meet Neppah Hamisi. Neppah is a single father who has two children, and lives by his his mother. He began the Introduction to Metalsmithing program in February 2018. After completing the three months course, he began an apprenticeship style program in Jewellery Making and Silversmithing. This allowed him to be paid while he was learning. He is on call from a studio in Arusha when it needs specialised saw piercing done but of course this is not regular nor reliable and he needs more. Neppah is a...
GoFundMe · 06. August 2019
Meet The Future, Seuri, Kelvin, Imran and other local children who are my friends and have big dreams. They face an uncertain future or a future that is simply repeating the present as it exists today, leading to hopelessness and despair. The growth of Nyumba Ya Muotaji— The Future, has become increasingly imperative to more young folk such as these wonderful human beings. There is a great need to have the expanded vocational programs in place and operating so these young people will be able...
GoFundMe · 05. August 2019
Meet Emanuel Mbise (Ima). Ima was one of the first students who began the metal jewellery program in 2016. He ran away to the 'Street' when he was 15 from a dysfunctional home plagued by alcoholism and abuse. Ima graduated in 2018 from the program and is now teaching silversmithing to Masaai Women. He is saving to build his own home. There are thousands of young men like Ima, your participation will assist in changing the lives of many of them.
11. June 2019
Mombassa where you learn how white you are. This post is a reflection of the last year or so as I prepare to fly out, maybe for the last time next Friday, June 21.
12. January 2018
Hello All, it has been a while since I last posted here. Since the last one there has been an amazing trip to Australia with my friend and colleague Emanuel Mbise where I was introduced to Callum, grandchild number eight. The hospitality shown by folk who included Robert & Penny McIntyre, Kathleen Hunt and Sally, Tom, Frazer, Quinly Deacon/Hardwick was much appreciated. Presentations at Queensland College of Art and Gympie Regional Gallery and "The Taste of Tanzania" 3 day event organised...

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