Adolescence is often a time when choices are made that set the course for young people’s future.

The same might be said for Tanzania as a whole – choices made about investing in adolescents today may well determine the future course of the nation.

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In the village of Nkoaranga in Tanzania,  63.7% of people are under the age of 25 and 67.9% live in poverty.  For the last 3 years I have  self-funded and developed  a number of programs which have proven to be very successful, the participants of which have gained much improved outcomes in their lives. It is now time to build on these successes and benefit the whole village. Your donations will be used to build and equip vocational education centres where folk can learn skills in contemporary jewellery making, woodworking, life skills and sewing;  providing the means and location to earn life changing incomes. 
The amount of $AU50,000.00 is required to pay rent, pay wages, purchase tools and equipment for a jewellery studio/workshop for 10 students, a sewing studio with machines and tables for 10 students and a fully eqipped woodworking studio/workshop for 10 people. Some of these students will become teachers ensuring the viability and longevity of the programs.
These current programs will be models that may be replicated across East Africa.
Recently I learned of 2 village suicides, combined with the rise of alcoholism and HIV, and a high infant mortality in the village, time is of the essence. This made me realise that despair is becoming a real issue and the need to have a lasting impact by offering opportunities for a greater number  of people became necessary.
Knowing I am sharing this huge undertaking with you, will take a huge load off my 68 year old shoulders and the Nkoaranga community will be immensely grateful that your contribution will allow young folk to have a better future. 

Why this fundraiser is so important. Tanzania is experiencing significant out-migration of young people from low productivity agriculture to urban informal service sectors, where productivity is just as low. Unemployment is high and growing rapidly, especially in the urban areas and among youth. The official unemployment rate is 12% and is highest in the cities, reaching 32% in Dar es Salaam (2006). In addition, one-third of those employed are so-called "working poor": technically employed, but whose income is less than the basic needs poverty line of USD 0.96 (2200TSH) per day. What will the future be for these young folk?

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Regular updates will be posted on this website so you are able to know what your contributions have achieved.

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