“We Are the Home for the Dreamers”: “Sisi Ndio Nyumba ya Waotaji”.
From decades of colonial repression, war, and division, a generation has emerged in Central and East Africa. A generation not only demanding change but actively working to bring about change.
Division causing petty jealousies and the inefficient use of the funding dollar has invoked a need for unity, accountability, transparency, and the responsible and efficient use of money.
“We Are the Home for the Dreamers” has been established to provide leadership and direction in the vast field of humanitarian aid for disadvantaged men, women, and children. Humanitarian aid that includes, accommodation, food, clothing, education and training in dance, arts and crafts in Goma, D.R.C and Arusha, Tanzania.
A board of directors and a management team will scrutinise all requests for funding. Requests will need a budget and a business plan with a commitment to keeping good records and receipts.
Central and East Africa has been devastated by war, volcanic eruptions and the Covid 19 pandemic. There is an urgent need for money to support multiple programmes until they become self-sufficient again, generating their own sustainable incomes.
The board of “We Are the Home for the Dreamers”, has representatives from: Kongo People TV, Africa’s Tears, Invisible Kids, Babu na Mwana, Nyumba ya Muotaji, and Wazo.
The GoFundMe campaign will be administered from Australia during the development stage and all funds will be dispersed to Africa, through Western Union and World Remit.


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