SALLY HARDWICK, daughter, and donor

I have always found Christopher to have a very good estimation of character of the people and causes he has endeavoured to help over the years.   He has always had a marvellous ability to recognise  needs and create solutions, prompting people to expand their world view and help where it is really needed. 

I have enjoyed seeing the outcomes Christopher has achieved in assisting the programs in Congo and Tanzania etc

Witnessing the personal and spiritual development, not only of Dad but of the wonderful, artistic, and creative individuals he has encountered in his travels, has been very rewarding.  His powerful belief in a person’s own worth, whatever their circumstance, is very evident and the enrichment of these relationships is quite visible, in their deeds and words.  You can see the desire to improve the lives of children, families etc. You can feel the passion and importance of all  they want to achieve in their communities but need support to do.


TESTIMONIAL CHRISTOPHER HARDWICK Maria Herbert, long time supporter and donor


I, Maria Herbert, have known Christopher Hardwick for more than 10 years. For most of that time he has been involved in multiple ways, with various projects in Tanzania, Bali, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Christopher’s strength is in working with and identifying capable people who are trusted in their communities.

By creating niches, developing marketable products and training local people, he has enabled them to start successful sustainable businesses, enabling them to feed, clothe and educate their children.  He also created various fundraising opportunities that provided direct assistance where needed. These included purchasing 380 jumpers for students at the state primary school in Nkoaranga Tz, worked with Adinan Mohamed to fundraise and build a Home for John, a disabled man from a small, remote village in the south of Tanzania, and provided a new prosthetic leg for Dino who lives in Nkoaranga. 

Amongst the many groups he has fundraised for or personally supports are, Jospin Katendere of Afrika’s Tears, and Bush Sebar of Invisible Kids, both are homes for the forgotten street kids in Goma, DRC.

 Bibi Bags, and Nyumba Ya Muotaji with Martin Maestro and the establishment of Babu na Mwana with Emanuel Mbise

I encourage others to become a supporter of Christopher Hardwick’s work in Tanzania and Goma DRC


Testimonial for Christopher Hardwick from Sandra Ross, long time donor


I have known Christopher for over 10 years in my capacity as Education Officer at the Gympie Regional Gallery and have followed his creative journey in Tanzania and Goma DRC over the last 6 years.

During this time, he has displayed an overwhelming commitment and desire to help young creative African people earn an income and realise their dreams from their creative pursuits. He has helped set up Artists Run Initiatives and Projects such as, Ongea Nasi Kuhusu Upendo, Nyumba Ya Muotaji, Babu na Mwana, and Bibi Bags.

Supports Jospin Katendere at Afrika’s Tears, Bush Sebar at Invisible Kids, worked with Adinan Mohamed to build a Home for John, and regularly supports many individuals and young artists.

This is testament to the integrity and trust the young people place in Christopher’s decisions and judgement in project managing these pursuits. His selfless, kind, and generous spirit shines through these people who trust and have faith in him.




Today I would like to write a few lines about an extraordinary young man whom I admire very much.

It's Jospin Katendere.  We have known each other for several years and I value this friendship very much.

He is a role model for me and his work with street children in the city of Goma is almost unbelievable.

Every day he and his friends take loving care of orphans and give them at least a small sense of security and security in their lives. I know some of the stories of these Jospin children and believe me, it's not easy to listen to.

One moment I will never forget, the eruption of the volcano, when I was in contact with Jospin for several days and nights, witnessing the horror and helplessness with the children from afar. And these young people did even that and brought the children to safety....

My little fundraisers will help them improve their lives at least a little, I can send something every now and then, but I have to be honest that nowadays it's not easy to find people who understand the situation of these children.

And that's why I respect Jospin and other young people like that very much. I'm glad to be his friend. Thanks




Christopher established WE ARE THE HOME OF THE DREAMERS. Sisi Ndio Nyumba ya Waotaji with trustworthy, aspirational young people from Tanzania and the DRC making up the board of directors. to enable a central funding system and have a strong unified organisation that will display love and trust to the world.