November 22

Greetings All,


I wake up each morning a most privileged person.

Swahili is rather elusive but everyone is incredibly patient with Buba Chris and I just keep plugging away at it.

The Arusha Christmas Market was astonishing, 1000s of folk from many nations and communities came together to raise money for multiple NGO's. Food, dancing, amazing singers, with a 16 year old girl a standout, I am sure the world will hear more of her.

Did a heap of networking and as a result have been invited to teach jewellery and metalsmithing at the International School in Moshi, asked to participate in a Design Group and also, to get involved in a Domestic Violence support group.

Have discovered Kenyan Brie, it is delightful. Have plenty of cheese in the fridge now, aged Gouda, a marvellous cheddar and a beaut blue. This is accompanied with a grand Danish whole grain bread.

Had the first class in the studio and what an excited, talented group, will be teaching up to 10 at a time so the Wondai training will be of great benefit.

I am surrounded by so much intimacy from open kind hearted people, it is beat.