Thus Begins Week @

Well Folks, how time has flown, 2 weeks ago today I was sitting with Penny & Rob McIntyre squaffing unlimited seafood. Thursday 17th sitting at Luke Mangan's in the Sydney Hilton for lunch followed by a veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long flight, a little difficulty in customs and here we are in Nkoaranga.

Please forgive me not for commenting on each image, most are self explanatory.

Included are images of my digs,(dunny included) and the shower which dispels around 3 drops per second, showering takes a while.

I have learnt the difference between local chicken (great flavour but tough as shoe leather) and outside chicken (for roasting).

My brain is leaking somewhat like my bowel and trying to get a handle on Swahili is proving interest although everyone is incredibly patient with me and are committed to my education.

The studio is slowly coming along, as you can see from some shots, but the elusive tools from Cape Town have not yet appeared. Seems it would have been easier and better to send through a firm such as DHL rather than a custom agent, although now all parties are talking, heres hoping for next week and not too expensive.

Babu Chris (poppy, grandfather) has just done his supermarket shopping on the back of a Boda boda, (motorcycle taxi service) 20 kms return, woo hoo!


A wonderful week spent with incredibly gracious people who display great dignity, intimacy, and general good humour. We spend a lot of time listening to Bob Marley and plenty of Reggae and laughter is the order of the day, though I am told it is not at my expense.

Yes, there are times when I'm a bit lonely and crave vegemite and prawn cutlets, but the upside is so up and fabulous. 

When you get time please comment, it makes you all a little nearer.

Take care and be well,


Bubba Christopher