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Well Folks, how time has flown, 2 weeks ago today I was sitting with Penny & Rob McIntyre squaffing unlimited seafood. Thursday 17th sitting at Luke Mangan's in the Sydney Hilton for lunch followed by a veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long flight, a little difficulty in customs and here we are in Nkoaranga.

Please forgive me not for commenting on each image, most are self explanatory.

Included are images of my digs,(dunny included) and the shower which dispels around 3 drops per second, showering takes a while.

I have learnt the difference between local chicken (great flavour but tough as shoe leather) and outside chicken (for roasting).

My brain is leaking somewhat like my bowel and trying to get a handle on Swahili is proving interest although everyone is incredibly patient with me and are committed to my education.

The studio is slowly coming along, as you can see from some shots, but the elusive tools from Cape Town have not yet appeared. Seems it would have been easier and better to send through a firm such as DHL rather than a custom agent, although now all parties are talking, heres hoping for next week and not too expensive.

Babu Chris (poppy, grandfather) has just done his supermarket shopping on the back of a Boda boda, (motorcycle taxi service) 20 kms return, woo hoo!


A wonderful week spent with incredibly gracious people who display great dignity, intimacy, and general good humour. We spend a lot of time listening to Bob Marley and plenty of Reggae and laughter is the order of the day, though I am told it is not at my expense.

Yes, there are times when I'm a bit lonely and crave vegemite and prawn cutlets, but the upside is so up and fabulous. 

When you get time please comment, it makes you all a little nearer.

Take care and be well,


Bubba Christopher


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    Bernice (Saturday, 26 November 2016 04:54)

    It must be a challenge adapting to such a different culture but you seem to be remaining very good humoured through it all! When I went to China in 2008, the toilet was a hole in the floor so yours looks impressively like a western loo. All the best with the language and I hope the equipment you are waiting on arrives safely and soon xx

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    Chris (Saturday, 26 November 2016 05:49)

    Hey Babu, bit too much info re the leak!!! Hopefully that's the worst your system has to deal with. Finally getting some rain in Imbil, much needed too. Missing you at Red Cross.....I am, as we 'speak' hunting down the worth of a lovely Yamaha clarinet that was donated. I didn't tell you, the school administration were very grateful for your donation of test tubes.
    The boda boda trip would have been an experience, I don't imagine it allows for a huge amount of shopping, good way to lose some weight - I'll see if there are any that do a round trip to Gympie (-:
    Again, thanks for the pics.....the ones of the kids are beautiful. Keep smiling.

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    Charmaine Lyons (Saturday, 26 November 2016 06:19)

    So proud xxxx

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    Kaye Bracken (Saturday, 26 November 2016 14:26)

    Take 2 not sure my first post went. Miss you heaps. The photos are beautiful especially all those of the people. So pleased you have spent time with Isaac. Love your quaint accommodation and am impressed with western toilet. Shopping expedition sounded exciting. I did wonder if the cape town tools would emerge - maybe in the fullness of African time?? Try to look after yourself x

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    Lindi Pott (Saturday, 26 November 2016 16:36)

    Hiya Buba Chris,
    What a bugga with your tools not turning up, but I see you are teaching with what you have, using your adventurous mind:) Your mentioning your loo, a lady I worked with out west back in the mid 80's went O/S to marry her man, forget where, but she had a terrible time getting her head around a flushing septic, so you have done well with your digs. Keep enjoying friend, just take care.
    cheers xxx

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    Penny (Saturday, 26 November 2016 18:37)

    Sounds like you're settling in but also sounds like you need some rest! It takes a week to get over these big flights plus the stuff leading up to take care. The chicken looks good, at least they would be free range. It also looks like there's an opening for a hairdresser if you get tired of sawing bronze and copper. Hope the tools arrive soon. Speaking of hairdressers......yes, this week I need a haircut but you're not here !! I start the journey to Sunshine again I suppose.

    We had some good soaking rain in Doonan this weekend, so nice to see things starting to turn green again. Rob and I will plant some veges today for summer (for the bugs to eat).

    The Trace exhibition was great and so good to catchup with some JMGQ people. Have been busy with some new work and maybe a market next week. Plenty of lids to flatten out!
    Keep up the news and pics, we really enjoy it, just sat down over a leisurely brekky enjoying and sharing your news. The pics of the village bring back memories of Cambodia, similar but different. Impressed you have flushing loo, well done as you no doubt have enjoyed the comforts in the last week!
    Get your strength up and enjoy, cheers,..xx P & R

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    Joolie (Saturday, 26 November 2016 20:05)

    Looks like an experience or two there Chris. Hopefully not too many lonely moments, but lots of laughter and feel good moments. Life goes on here. I'm off to Fraser Island for the next week to work beside some scientists, and have a break. Would love to see lots more rain…..
    Thinking of you, and yes there is the decision of what to do now for a hairdresser!

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    Sally Hardwick (Sunday, 27 November 2016 02:48)

    Hi Dad, things looking good over there. Are you getting sensory overload? So much colour and life in your photos. The faces are beautiful.

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    Elli Schlunke (Sunday, 27 November 2016 03:52)

    Chris you just look so RIGHT there. Language and dunnies aside, you seem to fit in beautifully. Your lovely generous nature is being well met, I think.

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    Jan Sweet (Sunday, 27 November 2016 22:33)

    Hey Chris just heard your news yesterday at Vit & Annas lunch. Loved being able to see your photos. Are you with a particular group/agency? Hope all is great for you and your new friends over there. The very best to you

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    Rowena (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 01:50)

    Just found your wonderful message in my junk folder...
    How marvellous your new experiences, the sensory over load, the colours and sounds, enjoy and absorb, I know you will blossom.
    Guess what I have my first non-Chris hair appointment tomorrow, feeling a little apprehensive. But I am armed with my recipe so I am being positive, but will really miss the discourse and the fellowship that I get to experience.
    Be well and know that you are in my thoughts. RR xx