Hi All,


Welcome to another astonishing week of wonder, adventure, culture, a little tummy trouble (much better though) some frustration and great, great times with wonderful folk.


I would like your thoughts on a fundraising matter, something I consider we, Australians could possibly bring to pass.

There is a fairly desperate need for a type of four wheel drive sort of Jeep with 8-9 seats for The Small Things. There is a lot of outreach done contacting families in need so they may be embraced by the TST community, these include HIV, high mortality at birth and kids slipping through the ginormous holes in the net.

The vehicle is estimated to cost around $AUD50-55,000k. If you think this is doable or who know of a crowdsourcing that maybe appropriate for this venture, please leave your thoughts in the comments part.


I had the best time on Thursday playing with the toddlers from the orphanage playing silly buggers, rolling, climbing, being clambered on, silly faces and lots of laughter, man I am so privileged.


During this wonderful week, an email from Lainey Sheldon with this link: https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/african-villagers-to-benefit-from-jewellers-genero/3118838/.  Woo hoo!


Because of the plethora of images, I have divided them up into separate galleries, hope it all works for you.



I still don’t have the tools, after much toing and froing all of the documents are finally in place, then the President of Tanzania arrived, this emptied the District Commissioner’s Office, so no signature yet. “Tribulation works patience”.

My Kiswahili is barely passable, but the folk are so good-natured and my self-deprecation creates beaut environments for much laughter.


Jewellery Studio:

Everything is a still bit rough and ready, polishing is done with kitchen scourers from Mumma Angela’s and some of the students’ race through everything in a slightly slapdash manner.

I’m planning on taking the group to the Tanzanian Cultural Heritage Art Gallery sometime during the week of December 12. I think it would be terrific for them to spend some time with the works of art of the heritage.

Doing more planning and organising to get the studio ready for when the new jewellers bench arrives, then the electrical tools, and the torches etc. Will need to set up some type of extraction system as there is only one window and a door, I don’t want us all expiring from poisonous gases.


I am somewhat astonished with how readily the students are picking up techniques, especially considering we are using .5mm aluminium sourced from Bunning’s in Oz before I left. Thanks to Matt Dwyer of fio for the emergency use of his guillotine to cut the stuff, much appreciated.


Out & About:

Had a brilliant day yesterday, started out with breakfast at the gallery, as you do when you go to town. Olive and fetta bruschetta, with a rather well done long black, Emmanuel had the omelette, but a bit too much like rabbit food for him, the universality of those who do and don't eat salad.

The gallery reduced me to tears, as it is so incredible, the architecture is glorious and some of the works are very old.

This gallery has turned commodification into an art form, but they need money fairly badly. You can checkout their website: http://www.culturalheritage.co.tz.

Elli Schlunke, I have found the perfect home for your Woolly Mammoth, you could bring it over, and shall we try for a grant.


Went to the Central Arusha markets and received a marriage proposal from a rather attractive youngish woman. I explained the functioning of older blokes parts and she stated that it was not a problem amidst great hilarity. Then off to Gohil’s, an Indian spice, nut and dried fruit shop, followed by a trip to Kennedy School Christmas Bazaar. Kennedy School is a fairly ritzy private school. Interestingly there was barely any acknowledgement from expats, whereas the local are full of bonhomie and camaraderie and greet you a lot. Purchased some more Brie and blue, some Danish bread and a stolen, all a bit yummy. Found a beaut 2012 South African white for TSH16.500, around USD8.00 and Heineken is pretty cheap.

Off then to purchase brackets and timber for shelving, thank you Emmanuel for you patience translating. O, by the way, Emmanuel has adopted me as his Babba (father), he is a beaut guy with a

2½-year-old daughter and a beautiful wife, we spoiled them both with gifts.

Finally home, dressed for the Russian ballet, down to the main road on the back of a Boda Boda motorbike taxi, becoming a bit addicted, Easy Rider here I come. Waited in the pouring rain for 35 minutes, back home, another boda boda, absolutely saturated and a bit miffed. Dried off, pjs, email, get dressed, Miki (staff) organised a taxi (a proper one), dropped off at the wrong hotel, accosted by multiple needy artists, minutes to spare, got to the right venue, then was absolutely enchanted with two artists from the Russian Ballet and an opera singer, magic.


Mount Meru:


You can read more about this elegant ever-present mountain at: http://www.tanzania-expeditions.com/mt-meru-climbing.


Kwaheri hadi wakati mwingine, na wiki kubwa.

Goodbye until next time, have a great week.


Baba Chris