First solo trip into Arusha.

After dropping multiple hints and gaining no response, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and head into town by myself. Was it a matter of urgency, not really, but the garden bed was actually completed on time, including some great fertilised soil, and the herb people would not be around for another 4-5 weeks.

So,boda boda (motor bike, my inner Peter Fonda has emerged) to Kilala, dulla dulla (something akin to a sardine can on wheels, Kombi size and fits up to 25 people, plus bags of rice, chickens and an assortment things) and so arrived in Arusha. The Mesula Farmers Market happens on the 1st Saturday of the month and what a treat it was. Scored 21 herb plants, a great pair of handmade leather shoes for $AUD35.00, smoked Gouda, Danish bread, ran into some familiar faces and spread the word about the studio and The Small Things. Heavy laden I got a boda boda back to the main road and waited for thee 'sardine tin'. This is where Tanzania is so different and amazing, everyone one on the bus helped me get settled, nursed some of the bags, and even made sure I got of at the right spot, with such graciousness and good humour.

Got home, unpacked, too hot to garden, off to Usa River for BBQ chicken and an icy Heineken. Bargained a watch down from 30,000tsh to 7,000tsh. 3 Maasai Shuka ( a type of shawl cum wrap, cum official clothing) from 45,000tsh down to 33,000tsh. I embarrassed myself a bit by not keeping enough cash to share a soda with the seller, but I promised to return.

Home then to plant the herbs feeling fairly chuffed with how the day turned out.

Thrilled to announce the planting of the plants for food (commonly known as herbs) garden at The SmallThings Nkoaranga. Made possible by Tools for Tanzania.

One of my worst fears surfaced last evening, in the shower, soap from head to toe, the power goes out, the water turns icy and in the pitch dark I just cannot convince myself to get under the cold water. Suppose it was good I was using goat's milk soap was able to towel it off.


Thank you for your continued support through your comments. Greetings to three Newbies Alisia Priolo, Kendal Cuthbert  and Denise Olsen,  I don't know who you are or where you are, but your comments are much appreciated.


The images are, the herb garden, the new sign at the studio, Dino, my stylist and the you beaut shoes.

Usiku mwema mpaka tukutane tena katika mtandao.

Asante sana, amani

(Good night until we meet again in cyberspace.

Thank you very much, peace)

Babu Chris

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    Lindi (Sunday, 05 February 2017 22:21)

    Hiya Buba Chris,
    Loving your adventures my friend. Having a few in the land of the OZ myself, including the lovely humidity being a bit of a killer at the same time. Also love your shoes. They look like they will last a bit longer than the cheaply made stuff we get sold over here. Hey, the sign of the front of your shop should have had, "by Buba Chris" written on there somewhere as well!! It must feel great having such accommodating, friendly people around you all the time whether they know you or not. keep lovin life & take care. Till next time

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    Chris T (Monday, 06 February 2017 04:30)

    G'day Chris,
    A herb gaden.....well look at you !! Turning your humble digs into home and doing some exploring and making new friends in the process. If you were here right now, wilting in the humidity, you would have been into that cold shower without a nano second's hesitation, everyone's fed up with it....lethargy, short tempers and trying times for most reputable of deodorants! The shoes look like they've got a few good miles left in them, reminds me of an excellent Mark Knopfler song......Quality Shoe.
    Thanks for the pics & the tales.....we enjoyed them.
    Take care and keep smiling.

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    Christopher (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 10:34)

    Hi All,
    I am sorry that I have only just now found that I can do this.
    Please fire away your questions and I will endeavour to answer them for you.
    This site is powered by Jimdo and have been thrilled with them.

    Thank you all for your kind and generous comments and thank you for being on board.

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    Valerian (Monday, 13 February 2017 04:19)

    Looks great

  • #5

    Christopher (Monday, 13 February 2017 09:54)

    Hi Valerian,

    thank you, your comments are much appreciated