The Unexpected and Karibu (Welcome).

Welcome to those folk who are enjoying the blog posts and are leaving such wonderful comments.

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In traditional African time, the walk up the hill which was booked for last Sunday turned out to be an unannounced  walk today. It was brilliant,  we walked nearly to the base of Mount Meru through pine plantations, it felt more like Oberon(New South Wales, Australia). We ate wild raspberries, wild passionate and foraged for yellow carrots. There a lots of images to follow, may take a couple of days.

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    Chris T (Monday, 06 February 2017 13:45)

    Wild passionate ??? Worth the trek then !!!
    What an adventure, I look at those small cabins with their amazing backdrop. I wonder what their inhabitants would think of a life in suburbia. Your friends all look very colourful and happy, where's your hippy gear Chris? For a photographer like yourself it would have been a feast for the eyes and lens and the bush tucker.....icing on the cake. Definitely not just 'another day at the office'.

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    Tom (Monday, 06 February 2017 20:37)

    Beaut photos, Chris! I'm a little bit envious. I'm sure Frazer and Quin would enjoy a trek like that too! Great to see you and your new found family having fun! Who knows, we could have the next Bear Grylls in the making... haha...

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    Valerian (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 07:55)

    He is only one 'Chris'...fantastic

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    Christopher (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 10:36)

    Hi All,
    I am sorry that I have only just now found that I can do this.
    Please fire away your questions and I will endeavour to answer them for you.
    This site is powered by Jimdo and have been thrilled with them.

    Thank you all for your kind and generous comments and thank you for being on board.