Dragging the Chain, but here it is!

My life here in Nkoaranga and my volunteering with The Small Things Nkoaranga (The Small Things.org)  continues to be a wonderful experience and the studio, now on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1408695789163420/ & Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ongeavito/) which is a project of TST, is moving ahead  with many opportunities for future development presenting themselves.                                                                              I began this post with such good intentions, but after several hours of editing images my brain has turned to mush. I crave your indulgence and hope the plethora of sights will satiate your senses as much as the experiences surrounding them filled mine. There are images of gemstones gleefully acquired from the Masaai with great humour and goodwill. A large number of images were taken from the bus on my Easter break to Bagamoyo, it would be worthwhile if you are interested in learning a little about this town and its' important role in Tanzanian history.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagamoyo). I had a sensational four days with a colleague, swimming in the Indian Ocean, eating oysters at $AUD7 per doz. and delighting in the prawns and fish.                        The largest art college in Tanzania is based in Bagamoyo, so I met many artists, this has led to a conversation regarding the setting up of a contemporary art group for East Africa embracing all aspects of art and craft. I am also lookig forward to the eighth East Africa Biennale to be held in November 2017  (http://www.eastafricaartbiennale.org).        Some of my favourite images are of the old buildings, crumbling and being overtaken by the vegetation of Africa, from early white settlement. The images of Tanzanian life continue to enthrall me, which explains why there are so many.                                                                                  Mount Meru continues to enthrall and some of the images are from the backyard of my new home which is about 20 minutes walk from the studio.                                                                                                    The ongoing understanding of gratitude as part of my daily life fills me with great joy and I look forward to sharing more of these experiences with you all.                                                                                        Asante sana, Babu Chris