Time to go and face the music.

Well folks, just like Frank Sinatra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E2hYDIFDIU.

It has been an extraordinary 32 months I've spent in Tanzania.

Having been invited here to open a jewellery studio it is a privilege to say one of the first students, Emanuel Mbise, is now teaching Maasai women silversmithing and is part of a product development program. Neppah Hamisi has completed an apprenticeship in silversmithing and is gaining work in a number of studios.

We opened a shop/gallery called Nyumba Ya Muotaji (Home For The Dreamers) in April 2018.

Organised the making of Bibi Bags, reusable fabric shopping bags, there are some images below. This has allowed Mary, the main maker, to be payed more than 500,000Tsh by working from her home.

Purchased 185 school sweaters for children at the local school.

Purchased a new prosthetic leg for Dino.

Provided regular incomes for local businesses in Nkoaranga.

Assisted in the development of a range of chutneys for the local market.

Mentored a large number of emerging artists.

Had Soldier Ants make a detour over my bed over me while I was sleeping, twice.

So many experiences, beautiful people, difficult and sometimes hard lessons.

I don't really want to return yet but the Tanzanian Government is doing a necessary overhaul of the NGO, volunteer, visa system and unfortunately I got caught in the mix.

It is my intention to return to Australia and attempt to raise sufficient funds to be able to return to Tanzania for at least another two years to complete the development of ongoing programs that will benefit the community in years to come.

It would be wonderful to greet you over the next months after my return.

Thank you for you love and support during this brilliant time.